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CORPORATE - Corporate Mercenaries

In today’s current Dog-Eat-Dog fierce Corporate Jungle in order for one to survive and be amongst the King of the Jungle you need to have the right resources, skills and strategies and an A TEAM to provide, advice and implement the proposed strategies for capturing market share and the mind share of your stakeholders.
Your stakeholders are not just your Share Holders, Board of Directors and customers but also your internal stakeholders you are key to your organizations success; your employees.
Our team of professionals “Corporate Mercenaries” as we like to call ourselves true to the name will ensure we get the Job done after having heard your requirement and objective for us.
Our Corporate services cover the entire gamut and spectrum of what any corporate would desire to employ or outsource or are looking at obtaining as a total entirety or an area of service we offer
Apart from our areas of expertise we also have handpicked experienced professionals who work with us in us being able to offer you THE BEST service expected of us for the desired outcome and results.

Our services are and not limited to the following:

Corporate Events

Annual thematic Corporate Dinner Dances, Dealer Distributor Conventions, Award Ceremonies, Milestone Events, Product Launches, Conferences, Destination Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE - for and behalf of the Corporate employing our services, through this also comes under our Experiential Bespoke Travel company), Gala Corporate Theme Nights and Family Days and Events, New Year’s Celebrations, Corporate Cocktails, Foreign Delegates welcome Meetings and fellowship, Dinners or Luncheons and more.

Whatever the event we are experienced and understand each event is different and as such having listened to your requirements and outcome we tailor make the event to engage and enthrall the distinct audience by our Event Styling, Design set and create the right ambience and tone which will bring out the personality of your company tastes and quality standards providing an unforgettable and memorable experience for your guests and special invitees.

Corporate, Product, Service Branding and Marketing Consultation and Implementation

We at Blueprint A 2 Z are specialists when it comes to Corporate, Service, Product Branding and strong advocates who adopt the business model where Branding is the nucleus of the entire Organization. Branding for one is not just about the Logo. Corporate Branding encompasses from the Logo to your Web Site, Brochures, Marketing, Quality, Advertising and more.

From a Product Branding perspective it’s about Identity, Trust, pricing, consistency, credibility, authenticity, quality and more. Since we also believe that in today’s Digital Era once cannot build a Brand without embracing all Digital Platforms with technical and sound know on how to win the mind share of your target customer groups.

Therefore if you are looking at launching a new product from ground zero or looking at new perspective and give new life to your existing Brand to stay ahead of the competition then call us for an initial meet up to discuss further and move forward for results driven success.


With our immense network of contacts at Senior and Middle Management together with entry level employees we are able to provide you suitable candidates with the positive attitude and aptitude at entry level and experience result oriented Senior and Middle Management employees taking the time consuming and costly exercise of placing adverts calling for vacancies either online or otherwise, having to go through many some of whom don’t even turn up…..we will screen and vent them and it’s after this that we will propose the candidates to you for the vacant position.

Our experienced HR personnel who are qualified and experienced will do the screening and venting and filter the most suitable.

Our Strategic resource teams of personnel are qualified and experienced in their respective areas and have worked for Leading Multi-National Companies MNCs; Blue Chip companies both locally and globally and also from the Armed forces having hands on leadership experience.

Other HR Related Services (but not limited to are the following)

  • Balance Score Card Performance Management
  • Performance Goals Setting
  • Leadership Development with Coaching
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • HR Audits
  • Development of competency framework both in Behavioral and Technical Skills for Job Roles
  • Management Development Programs
  • Presentation Skills
  • Team Building workshops and outbound training
  • Grooming and etiquette workshops
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Marketing for results
  • Public Speaking
  • Interview Skills

Our Consultation services, training, workshops are facilitated and conducted in English or Singhala based on your requirement. We can also do them in Singlish is that’s your preference.
One day Training and workshops can be facilitated in Tamil as well.

So if you are looking for a positive Change Agent or a Breath of Fresh knowledge or motivation for your organization whether it be a large conglomerate or a startup Entrepreneur and looking to start off with the right step then call us up for an initial discussion….We are more than happy to come meet you listen to your requirements and propose the solution that will make the change you desire for your organization.